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Maestà Sofferente – artwork and piece of furniture at the same time –  is born to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic UP5&6 armchair, designed by Gaetano Pesce for C&B, now B&B Italia. On display during the last edition of the International Design Week in Milan, on a stage with hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world such as Duomo square, Maestà Sofferente takes up the political message of the memorable armchair, whose structure evokes a woman silhouette metaphorically represented as a prisoner. To reinforce the original message, several arrows wound the surface, a 8 meter high body of a majestic and suffering woman. The work is the result of the collaboration between the architectural firm of Gaetano Pesce and Modelleria De Angelis, who took care of its realization. Starting from the drawings developed by the architect, Modelleria De Angelis developed and produced this unique piece: a modular, metallic structure to support a template made of Styrofoam, finally covered by a painted fiberglass layer. Belotti NAVY CNC center was used for modeling, especially to cut the entire polystyrene shape, so confirming its main plus: big, sturdy structure to machine components with the largest dimensions; dynamic and efficient functions to assure the best productivity and finishing quality.

Modular structure of Modelleria De Angelis's final model of Maestà Sofferente Installation of Maestà Sofferente
in Duomo square, Milan
Maestà Sofferente during last edition of Milan Design Week 2019