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Company history

Belotti S.p.A. company with more than 40-years experience is leader in the design, manifacture, marketing and sale of 3 and 5 axis CNC milling centres and waterjet cuting centres, proudly 100% made in Italy. Since our first years of activity, our primary goal has been to invest all our resaurces in technological innovation and development of machining centres to fit the customers' requirements. Our presence in the national and international ,arket shows how the efforts so far undertaken have given reason to the strategy of growth and dynamism that distinguished us.

In 1977our first machine come out from the processing cycle plant in Medolago (BG). In 1990 the new headquarters in Suisio (BG) enabled us to enlarge the manufacturing plant and to increase production, giving Belotti the features of an increasingly international company.

Since then Belotti S.p.A. has continued to increase its efforts to establish itself in an more and more competitive market thanks to the quality of the products and services offered as well as its after-sales care, becoming one of the most reliable and competitive firm in the market. Our dynamism and the increased production opened the doors of the customers in all continets.