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EMO 2019

REGISTER NOW ! EMO 2019 with Belotti

EMO 2019, the world’s leading metalworking trade fair will take place on September 16th – 21st
. The main players of the industry will meet, exhibit and network in Hannover Fairground. This year edition will be focused on digitalization: how digital solutions will transform the industrial production, by facing specific challenges and needsGreater efficiency, higher quality, improved safety are all targets met by Belotti thanks to its CNC machining centers and its constant search for innovative features and services.

Belotti’s solutions and latest news will be visible at Booth E21 in Hall 13. During the show, visitors couldget the chance to discover the brand’s universe: its extensive range as well as its values and 40-years-long history. Belotti FLA machining center will be on display and each day, at 11.00 am, a live milling demonstration will be accessible through pre-registration here: the different steps of an aluminium mould’s milling, the final result as well as the finish product will be visible in-stand, thanks to the collaboration with ACE Technology, the UK key supplier for composite engineering solutions in the aerospace, automotive, motorsport, defence, and communication industries.

At EMO 2019 Belotti will also show its vision and actions as far as Industry 4.0 is concerned. Aiming at playing an important role in this digitally-led environment, the company has been focusing part of its efforts in the development of new solutions, which are made-to-measure and modular at the same time to adapt to highly-automated industrial environment. Higher integration between mechanical and electrical systems; easy-to-experience human-machine-robot interfaces; connected environments able to provide big data and to improve productivity, these are the main requirements that Belotti aims to fulfil with its new, modular machining centers’ offer. The pioneering project is BELOTTI INTEGRALE, a two-floors robotic cell developed for Lamborghini SpA, the well-know luxury car’s manufacturer. Thanks to the partnership with KUKA and SIEMENS, Belotti could actually developed a solution where CNC and robots can easily communicate and work together, improving efficiency and safety in an absolutely high-standard industry.  

Discover more at Booth E21 – Hall 13.

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