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FLU Series

5 axis machining center

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The new Belotti FLU Series has been manufactured with a monolithic structure to reduce the vibrations and it is suitable for high speed milling of resin patterns and aluminum moulds. The special design of this 5 axis machining centres makes the accessibility to the total working area easier, with the possibility of loading both jigs and heavy parts by using over-head crane. Customer can choose among a wide range of options to create a configuration according to the real customer’s needs.

Technical specifications of the 5 axis machining center:

Axis X 2,6m/3,2m/4,0m
Axis Y 1,5m/1,7m/2,0
Axis Z 1.000 mm
SPINDLE up to 15kW and 24.000 rpm
CNC Siemens 840D - Heidenhain iTNC530
Fanuc 31iB5 - Osai Open M CNC’s 
PRECISIONS less than 0.05mm/m for all the 
linear axis



Standard table suitable for dust/chips suction   Tool change with 18 positions and cast iron table with T slots
Performance head with direct drive encoders and rotary axis pneumatic locking system Machining center series FLU: Total enclosure with sliding roof 

Upper rolling shutter Aluminum vacuum table

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