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MDL Series

5 axis machining center

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The MDL series are advanced high-speed CNC 5-axis machining centers which ensure maximum productivity in machining of style models and prototypes, as well as in finishing of large-sized moulds and aeronautical parts made of aluminium alloy and composite materials. Using 5-axis heads equipped with (optional) torque motors, optical lines with 0.005 resolution on linear axes and high rigidity frames enhance the machining accuracy and finishing quality features. A wide range of models and cutting heads enable meeting any kind of dimensional and technological needs.

 Technical specifications of the 5 axis machining center:
Axis X From 4m to 30m
Axis Y From 2,6 to 7,5m
Axis Z From 1,5m to 4,5m
SPINDLE From 20 to 40 kw
@ 18,20 or 30.000 rpm
CNC Siemens 840D, Heidenhain iTNC530
PRECISIONS less than 0.02mm/m for all the 
linear axis
MEASUREMENT SYSTEM HEIDENHAIN linear scales 5 microns resolution




Fork type machining head with motorized suction hood

Universal Vacuum Fixture: Click here to learn more

Working table with embedded suction grids

Double motor linear axis

Motorized upper rolling shutter

Total enclosure with automatic open roof

Automotive milling

Closed circuit control system

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