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March is always a busy time, full of important appointments and events for the advanced materials and industrial machinery sectors. We are now bringing together the fruits of two among the most important fairs in Europe: JEC WORLD e MECSPE. During these events, we had good surprises, for a total of 6 activity days, 300 sqm exposition areas, and 3 CNC centers operating some carbon fiber’s trimming and aluminum plate’s milling real time. We had the chance to also kick off the celebrations of Belotti’s 40th anniversary with an in-stand event in Parma. We were actually glad to see so many of you! Moreover, we read the editorials appearing on several professional magazines and talking about our new solution BELOTTI INTEGRALE. MECSPE was the privileged stage to show this new application to the public, thanks to Belotti’s participation at the final round of Solution Award – focused on Industry 4.0 and innovative robotic solutions – with the endorsement of our industrial partner KUKA Robotics.

Thanks to all visitors of Paris and Parma, for the shown interest and the participation. You are definitely part of the fruitful outputs of this, just ended month.