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To keep improving the company business in a strategic market, WELCOME TO BELOTTI DEUTSCHLAND !

Recently, we have celebrated the opening of our new branch located in Bavaria, Germany. Belotti Deutschland offices are part of Batz+Burgel’s premises in Friedberg. Thanks to the good relationship with this important, German player in the metalworking industry, we can actually work in a very beautiful building and in a perfect location close to the most fruitful areas of Germany.
The main goal of Belotti Deutschland is to improve the market penetration as well as the brand’s persistence on the whole German territory. In particular, the branch's activities focus on sales and technical services, in order to both nurturing the sales opportunities and relationships and to guarantee an even more efficient technical support and consultancy to the existing customers. This important step is taken in a significant time for the company; 2019 is also the year of the celebrations for Belotti’s 40th anniversary. We are definitely opening up to a new chapter of our business; Belotti's image is going to be further enhanced by renovated Headquarters: a brand new Offices Building and an enlarged Production Site of 4000 sq. m.

For further information, it is possible to
write an email to Belotti Deutschland:

Sebastian - Mayr Strasse 8
86316 Friedberg, Deutschland
Tel. +49 821 899 8479-1