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Starting from today, May 4th 2020, Belotti SpA opens up its offices, warehouses and production sites again
. In line with the latest Government’s Decree, it’s time for the Italian industrial and manufacturing sector’s restart. Belotti’s HQ are now operative on site while taking any precaution and observing all rules in order to ensure the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders. We care about all those people being part of the Belotti’s universe. Certainly, physical distance is now part of our routine, while we bond over shared feelings and intentions. Therefore, we want to share some thoughts about the current challenges as well as the emerging opportunities and outlooks. Our CEO, Umberto Belotti, has answered some questions in an interview- dialogue with the Marketing & Communication Manager, Serena Rigon.

Umberto Belotti man and entrepreneur, how are you living this unique moment?

This moment is characterized by a high degree of newness, which also comes with a mighty sense of uncertainty. At this stage, however, I feel optimistic about the future. Of course, I am concerned about the whole situation due to my sense of responsibility as entrepreneur. However, this feeling holds a positive meaning: concern triggers action. It leads us to roll up our sleeves and try to shape what will follow. Optimism is the key, since it encourages us to keep up even in the hardest and most complex times, like the ones we are facing now. I am optimistic because I truly believe that, despite all, there is still room to determine our own future. Right now in Belotti, we are pushing ourselves in order to carry out new ideas and project.

We will go back to this soon. First, would you share your vision on the emerging scenario? What do you see in your business?

We are facing an unprecedented threat globally and long-term consequences of Covid-19 are difficult to imagine at this early stage. Considering Belotti core business, light alloys and plastics keep their positive trends. Indeed, they are key materials for those industries such as biomedical, pharmaceutical and food now operating at full capacity. On the other hand, our machining centres are especially suited for composite materials applications in the aerospace and automotive - in particular sport racing - sectors. In this latter case, the global pre- and post-pandemic scenario has changed a lot and so it will. For a while, the automotive industry had been facing some pivotal challenges for its own future. Among these ones, the limitation of pollution in terms of environmental sustainability; the exploration of new frontiers for the individual and collective mobility... Nowadays, after Covid spread and some due limitations, we all have a greater perception of these aspects and their own impacts. It is somehow clear how they affect us all. I believe that the way we will travel afterwards will change; at least, the ease of movement will be heavily undermined and the civil aviation sector is already suffering a serious blow. A deep knowledge of the different markets’ dynamics, both at macro and micro levels will be even more important; an excellent international perception will also be fundamental, in order to weave and strengthen the right commercial relations in those markets able to overcome the crisis better or sooner.

How was the relationship with your collaborators and the Belotti’s team during this quarantine time?
I would like to say that, at times like these, the social responsibility of each company is enhanced. Surely, keeping a balanced, healthy P&L and financial status is always a primary concern for Belotti. At the same time, fulfilling this social role has to be among our top priorities now, more than ever. In the latest weeks, I have acknowledged that the company is actually a reference point for many of us. For our employees, it often represents a certainty, not only from an economic but also from a relational point of view. For 2020-2021, through the management’s choices, Belotti SpA needs and has to give something, before even asking for it: safety and commitment to its people, first of all.    

What happened once your working mode had to change and reshaped in a different and unusual way?
Over the past few weeks, Belotti’s employees have shown their strong motivation and passion for their work. It has been a great proof of responsibility from their side too. Once again, commitment and passion have been the key. They are the essential elements to any success or, at least, the right building blocks to determine one's own future. Also another important thing happened: we have been given time, which we spent by analysing, observing and getting to know new and current situations. Within the company, this phase represents a big chance to actually study our status, to break down and reshape some practices and methodologies from which we could start again then, in order to strengthen or to create new business opportunities.

So, which are the novelties emerging now in Belotti: some new balances and developments?

Surely, facing an unexpected and difficult moment like this will lead to a smoothing of roles, at the same time arising from and steering towards a greater collaboration. A sharing of responsibility, of challenges and efforts, of victories and good targets. As far as novelties are concerned, we have started working on Belotti Customer Services, in order to boost our proposition in terms of software and in line with each customer lifetime value. To boost our international sales network, the tight link and collaboration between Sales and Marketing is gaining importance; new features in terms of performance optimization will also be applied to the Belotti’s offer and production. To sum up, I believe that we are already writing a new chapter of our business and that there are some positive conditions to succeed. I want to thank the Belotti’s team, because together we will draw our way forward and it will be guided by inspiration, passion and sense of sharing