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Press release




Thanks to the cooperation among Belotti, Autodesk and Ri-Ba Composites the magazine
"Stampi Progettazione & Costruzione" published a new editorial regarding the power
of Cam for 5-axis milling process.                                                                                                      

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JEC Composites Magazine

In conjuction with JEC World Parisi 2017, JEC Magazine published the interview with the owner     
of C.P.C. (Modena, Italy) with regard to the cooperation with Belotti.

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M&MT Materials and Manufacturing Technologies

The English magazine M&MT hpublished an article regarding cooperation between Belotti S.p.A. e Cannon Shelley.

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L'Eco di Bergamo

Once again the newspaper "L'Eco di Bergamo" turns his attention to our company pubblishing a new article about the developments of the 5-axis machining centers for the automotive industry.

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MARCH 2016

JEC Magazine Composites

JEC Magazine on the occasion of JEC World Exhibition in Paris published an article about the cooperation between the British company Gurit Automotive, manufacturer of composite panels for the automotice industry, and Belotti S.p.A.

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Klartext - Heidehnain

The magazine Klartext, the newspaper about the world of Heidenhain numerical controls, published a new article about the famous Volvo Ocean Race regatta and how Persico Marines manufatures sailboats with a CNC Belotti machining center.

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MARCH 2014

L'Eco di Bergamo

The news paper "L'Eco di Bergamo" renews his interest in Belotti SpA pubblishing a new article about the results achieved by the company and about the opening of the new Chinese branch: the Belotti Shanghai Machine Tool.

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Equipment News

"Equipment News" magazine dedicated to the field of metalworking, publishes an interview with Mr. Umberto Belotti conducted during JEC Asia 2013 in Singapore in which he talks about the future prospects of the company in the Asian market, especially in China.

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MARCH 2013

Sampe Journal

The Sampe Journal magazine edited by "Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering" in March 2013 dedicated his cover to Belotti Spa pubblishing the picture of the 5 axis machining center FLA for the milling of composite material .



MARCH 2012:

Compositit Magazine:

Resounding success for the openhouse that took place in our headquarter on December 2011 for the first preview of the UVF system in operation. Warm thanks to our partners Delcam, Lectra and Siemens for their preciuos help during the event.

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L'eco di Bergamo 

The newspaper "L'Eco di Bergamo" dedicated an article to the partecipation of Belotti Spa in the assembling of the ASI space rocket launched on February 13th 2013.

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"Composites In manifacturing" magazine

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