Belotti and Cosberg technological partnership

9 April 2024

The two companies based in Bergamo join experiences and technological know-how to develop new machining and assembly systems for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Within an industrial context of small-medium size companies suited to high-tech manufacturing, Belotti S.p.A. and Cosberg S.p.A. have recently signed a partnership aimed at the development and marketing of advanced systems for the processing and assembly of light alloys and carbon fiber components.

The collaboration comes from the shared desire to provide innovative solutions and specific answers to the increasingly complex challenges affecting the industrial landscape, especially in highly technological and demanding sectors such as the automotive and the aerospace ones.

Leveraging their respective experiences in over forty years of activity and the know-how deriving from joint development efforts, the two companies are working on the design and integration of Cosberg technologies within Belotti machining systems, with the aim to propose advanced robotics solutions to speed up, automate and optimize the processing and assembly phases of advanced materials parts and components.

Mutual trust and a common strategic vision represent the founding elements of the partnership which, in the coming months, will see the parties involved in drawing up specific implementation and commercial plans.

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In the main picture: Umberto Belotti [Belotti S.p.A. CEO] and Michele Viscardi [Cosberg S.p.A. CEO]

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