TRIM Series

The ideal 5-axis machining center for high-volume production of plastic components for different applications and sector.

Robust, precise and absolutely reliable, the TRIM Series is the flagship of the 5-axis machining centers dedicated to the trimming of plastic and composite materials. The technical characteristics of this machine allow to satisfy every need in terms of machining speed and quality.


Belotti TRIM machining centers are the ideal solution for the production of high volumes of plastic and composite components.
The processing speed of this Series does not compromise the cutting and trimming quality, for a maximum productivity level.
The cycle time is optimized thanks to some key features such as:

  • the ease of access to the working area
  • the different head configurations (revolver, double exit electrospindle)
  • the possibility to customise the piece loading/unloading system (rotary table or twin shuttle).
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  • Thermoformed
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Design and furniture
  • Medical
  • Marine
  • Railway


  • Plastic
  • Composites
  • Resins
  • Technical plastic

Technical features

Stroke2,5/3/4/5,5m1,5/1,6/2,2m0,9/1,1 m +/- 270°+/- 120°
Speed80 m/min60m/min40 rpm40 rpm
SpindleFrom 2 kW up to 12 kW at 36.000 rpm max.
CNCFanuc, Osai, Siemens
Tool changeFrom 8 to 30 positions
Linear accuracy≤ 0,05mm/m for linear axes
Rotary accuracy+/- 25 arcsec for rotary axes
Combined technologiesWaterjet


Twin Shuttle loading/unloading system

This system separates the loading/unloading area from the machining area, providing great advantages to the user.
The “Twin Shuttle” system has two tables, positioned in front of the machine, that can be used independently, in case of dual zone functionality (one table working, the other one loading) or coupled, when required by the dimension of the part.
The transparent automatic door, moving vertically, shifts according to the platform movements. Each table is accessible on at least two sides, to make part loading/offloading easier.

Rotary table

The ideal solution when it is necessary to insulate the working area because of loud noise and dust. It consists of two tables with a screen between them which is sealed with the enclosure.
While the operator is loading/unloading on one table, the other one is in operation: this alternate cycle allows a considerable increase of productivity avoiding the waste of time during loading/unloading procedures.

Revolver head or with double exit electrospindle

The working unit consists of a double exit electrospindle which is controlled by an inverter and with a programmable rotation speed. It allows the use of two tools of different diameters and an extremely fast tool change during processing.

The revolver head with 2 or 4 independent electrospindles allows a very quick tool-change and its standard feature can be modified whenever required.
Being well protected, it is extremely suitable for machining materials generating dust.

Head with automatic tool changer up to 30 positions

The carousel type tool changer up to 30 positions is installed in a suitable rear opening of the machine, easily reachable from the outside for the tool change without interrupting the machining operations.
For safety reasons, for each of the 30 positions the speed and rotating direction of the electrospindle can be preset according to the typology of tool mounted on the cone.

Second independent bridge

The second indipendent bridge is our solution to increase productivity and flexibility.
It is equipped with the same spindle as the first head.

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