VEGA Series

VEGA Series machines are 5-axis simultaneous cnc high speed gantry machining centers ideal for milling carbon fibers, composite materials and aluminium.

Belotti VEGA Series includes high-speed cnc gantry machining centers, ideal for ensuring the maximum accuracy for the production of resin prototypes and large-size components in composite materials.


Belotti VEGA machining centers are the result of a long experience in the production of 5-axis machines for milling carbon and aluminium, designed to meet the production requests of the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors and, more generally, of the major model makers and manufacturers of components in composite materials (carbon, kevlar, fiberglass, honeycomb).
The VEGA Series models have a dynamically rigid structure, ideal for offering a unique combination of performance: short processing times, flexibility, high quality surface finish and rigidity over time.

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  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Patterns and moulds
  • Railway


  • Composites
  • Resins
  • Light alloys

Technical features

Stroke2,6/6/8/12/17/20/23/30/43 m3,2/4,2/6,2/7,2/8,8 m1,5/2/3/3,3/4,2/5,3/6,9 m +/- 270°+/- 120°
Speed100 m/min45 m/min44 rpm40 rpm
SpindleFrom 15 kW up to 42 kW at 24.000 rpm max.
CNCFanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens
Tool changeFrom 18 to 60 positions
Linear accuracy≤ 0,015 mm/m for linear axes
Rotary accuracy+/- 15 arcsec for rotary axes
Measurement systemLinear scales, 5 micron resolution
Combined technologies Ultrasonic cutting system | Additive manufacturing


5-axis single shoulder head up to 42 kW

One-shoulder head that enables tool inclination and orientation in any 3D direction. It is equipped with servomotors with reducers, a pneumatic locking system and encoders mounted directly on the rotary axes, to guarantee higher rigidity, greater dynamism and a better machining precision.

Dust suction grids + suction hood

VEGA machining center is equipped with dust extraction grids positioned under the two runways, or on the side panels of the machine, allowing the dust extraction during milling operations.
The 5-axis head is equipped with a high-pressure suction system and an electronic control for the removal of dust and chips in the working area. The extension of the electronic hood can be managed by the software and it adapts automatically according to the length of the tool and the piece’s machining depth.

Total enclosure with moving roof - VEGA

The total enclosure, made of sound-absorbing panels, is designed to guarantee compliance to the current European noise rules for machining centers.
The automatic upper doors have a suitable opening for loading of parts through bridge crane.
Manual lower doors have a wide opening to enable loading of pieces according to the machine strokes.

Upper rolling shutter

Motorized rolling shutter that limits the escape of chips from the workstation area, making the opening and closing task easy and quick and allowing the overhead travelling crane loading.
The special translucent fabric guarantees ample light in the work area, already artificially illuminated.

Double bridge

The second independent bridge is the ideal solution to increase the cnc center productivity and flexibility.
It can be equipped with the same spindle as the first head or with a different one.

Vision cameras

Dedicated cameras set on the spindle housing to verify the working cycle and monitor unattended machining

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