Belotti‘s history is the story of an industrial engineering company developed thanks to a balanced mix of competence and technological innovation in synergy with a courageous and indomitable entrepreneurial vision.

The industrial network within Bergamo district acts as a driving force for the activities that Luciano Belotti carries out in the first laboratory set up in 1979.
From that moment on, industrial development and technological goals run together with commercial growth to go straight to the present day and determine Belotti‘s affirmation on the market as a leading player in the design and construction of CNC machining solutions.


A 40 years long story

The beginning

Engineer Luciano Belotti founds “MECCANICA BELOTTI” in a 800 sqm building. Launch of the first contouring machine SC-13 for plastic components trimming.

First CNC center

The production of the first model with 2 axis (X-Y) for panel milling, equipped with a BOSCH CNC.

Beginning of a new era

Development of the first 5 simultaneous axis machine prototype RO5: full CNC controlled and with ball screw driven axis for the machining of 3D thermoformed plastic components.

First turn-key project for the automotive sector

No. 8 of R05 CNC centers was sold to IVECO company for bumpers machining.

New premises: 4.000 sqm HQ in Suisio

A larger and more functional space to support the business growth. The domestic market reaches 60% of turnover, divided into 50% plastic, 40% composites, 10% other materials.

Launch FLA Series best-seller

The first Series designed to work composite materials. The balance of commercial penetration shifts to international markets, which now cover the 50% of turnover divided into 70% composites, 20% light alloys, 10% plastic. The company grows and now has 50 employees.

Launch of SKY, the first solution for light alloys

A new model with torque motor and fork type machining head to assure precision and power in milling aluminium and composites structural parts. The balance of application fields continues to change and sees Belotti operating more and more simultaneously on composites, light alloys and plastic materials.

The first branch in China

The company expands further its sales network by opening a new commercial branch in China “Belotti Shanghai Machine Tool Ltd”, aimed at managing this rapidly expanding market.

Belotti Integrale: the first modular Robot-CNC cell

Belotti designs and produces the first cell that integrates robotics and CNC, able to fit into a highly automated automotive production line for processing composite materials and light alloys.

40th anniversary: a wider HQ for Belotti and the opening of “Belotti Deutschland”

1.500 sqm of new offices and the expansion of the production plant. The company continues its growth path by opening a new branch in Germany with the purpose of developing one of the most strategic markets in Europe.

A year of challenges and achievements

The documentary “Lords of Carbon” is produced to celebrate Belotti’s 40th anniversary: a storytelling video about the history of composite materials and technologies in the racing and supercars sectors. The sales network is further strengthened with “Belotti Centro Sud”, the new technical-sales office opened to enhance sales engineering services to key customers of Central and South Italy. “Belotti America Inc.” is the latest addition to provide both commercial and technical support to a strategic market which has always been highly receptive to Made in Italy technology.

New products and services

Launch of NESTING, the new low-consumption CNC machining center that guarantees maximum precision on even small pieces. Belotti Service department is enriched with new services, while the Software division launches “MyB”, the IoT Suite for the integrated and highly customized management of the machining centers.

The “Robotic Automation” division and the new production plant in Modena

“Robotic Automation”, the division specialized in the design and production of turnkey automated lines and cells, is further developed. The industrial growth gets on with the opening of a new production plant in Modena, in the heart of the Motor Valley area.

“Officine della Gavarnia s.r.l.”: the new owned company

Belotti SpA finalizes the purchase of 100% of the share capital of Officine della Gavarnia, one of its most important suppliers of mechanical machining on baseframes, bridges and structural components for the cnc centers.

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