6 February 2023

The two companies have recently signed a new agreement to offer Belotti’s customers a top notch after-sales service on dust suction systems serving Belotti machining centers.

Protecting its cnc machining centers’ safety and productivity: starting from this precise goal Belotti SpA has launched a number of activities in the last five years, aimed at strengthening the after-sales services offered to its customers.
Therefore, the new partnership agreement signed with Aerotecnica srl, a leading Italian company in the construction and supply of industrial filtration and dust collection systems, is another important step towards the goal achievement.

The partnership comes from a long-standing relationship, which has always been based on mutual trust and transparency. Today, Aerotecnica srl is the main supplier of dust suction systems installed to serve Belotti CNC machining centers, and the synergy between the two companies and their technical departments has led to the production of even complex and highly customized industrial plant.

The new technical-commercial agreement provides for a direct management by Aerotecnica srl of all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities on its systems installed to serve Belotti machining centers, thereby ensuring customers:
specialised after-sales services, thanks to specific technical expertise
high productivity, thanks to preventive and scheduled maintenance interventions
increased safety, thanks to a cleaner working environment.

With the new agreement, the collaborative relationship between Belotti SpA and Aerotecnica srl is strengthened further. All Belotti customers having Aerotecnica dust collection systems installed on their cnc centers will now benefit of a direct relationship with the company, in order to maintain optimal operating conditions of the systems serving our machines,” explains Luca Chiesa, After Sales Operation Manager at Belotti SpA.

Ordinary maintenance, in fact, in addition to being a fundamental activity to ensure the correct suction performance of the plant, must be conducted by experienced personnel with solid knowledge of the systems.
Therefore, there is no better choice than to entrust it to the manufacturer, who guarantees the use of suitable materials that comply with the application for which the plant was made.
Aerotecnica, moreover, has always been ready to intervene both through the supply of spare parts and with qualified personnel in the field, in cases of emergencies that have required extraordinary maintenance of the plants.
The newly signed agreement will streamline the process and ensure an even more competitive service for our customers,” reports Chiesa.

We have been operating in the environment/ecology sector for over 40 years and we are specialized in the manufacturing of systems for the suction, filtration and extraction of polluting substances with solutions that guarantee high levels of efficacy/efficiency and safety”, declares Marco Da Ros, Technical Project Manager – Plant Division of Aerotecnica srl.
The plants’ installation and the maintenance activites are carried out by specialized and qualified personnel. Taking advantage of our experience and know-how, we will be able to guarantee solutions at the best quality/price ratio both for spare parts and after-sales services to Belotti’s customers“, states Da Ros.

Please visit “Belotti Service” website section for a complete overview of Belotti after-sales services.

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