19 January 2023

The acquisition is part of the industrial development plan and is aimed at improving the overall efficiency, by exercising a better control over the production and procurement phases.

Belotti SpA has just finalized the purchase of 100% of the share capital of Officine della Gavarnia srl which now enters the corporate group.
The company, founded in 1973 in Villa di Serio (Bergamo – Italy) and specialized in third-parties processing of large mechanical components for manufacturing companies operating in different industrial sectors, is today one of Belotti’s most important suppliers through the supply of mechanical machining on baseframes, bridges and structural components of multi-axis cnc centers.

We’ve completed the acquisition with the aim of improving industrial performance and the skills’ insourcing by acquiring control of a strategic supplier. I am strongly convinced that this integration will allow us to offer greater quality and reliability, optimizing costs and delivery times, as well as to obtain further stability” declares Umberto Belotti, CEO of Belotti SpA. “Both companies – the buyer and the seller – are companies located in the province of Bergamo and therefore the investments made and the future ones will always be carried out with the goal of enhancing the industrial heritage of the area”.

The acquisition of Officine della Gavarnia adds an important step towards the completion of the product industrialization process and the improvement of the supply chain” adds Stefano Chiesa, Production Director of Belotti SpA. “The control of the production chain from the first phase of procurement and the subsequent processing phase of the mechanical carpentry will allow us to reduce production times and speed up deliveries, while maintaining the high level of product customization that has always characterized the Belotti offer”, continues Chiesa.
Our primary objective is to create a strong synergy between the two companies: the important heritage of technical skills and experience in mechanical machining – acquired by Officine della Gavarnia in almost fifty years of activity – will be integrated into the production process, allowing Belotti to improve both product design and subsequent processing. Even the small manual processes currently carried out in Belotti will be entrusted to Gavarnia, allowing a general improvement of the product and a significant reduction in assembly times“, concludes Chiesa.

The synergy between the two companies will also have a positive effect on all the other customers of Officine della Gavarnia, in terms of quality of service and prices. The goal is to offer the best quality-price ratio to the entire customer base: the acquisition will allow Belotti to improve the operational management of Officine della Gavarnia, integrating its skills and technologies into the supplier, while maintaining the business continuity made up of people who, with their commitment, have kept the company on the market for years.

The acquisition represents an opportunity for both companies to grow in terms of size and quality. Officine della Gavarnia was already part of Belotti’s production chain and therefore, finalizing this operation certainly constitutes a competitive advantage for our company” declares Irene Finardi, CFO and HR Manager of Belotti SpA.
During the negotiation period, we have evaluated the potential synergies to be implemented and studied how to share the operational management. For what concern the HR area, a human resources integration project was launched, facilitated by the spirit of collaboration of workers who already interacted with our reality by virtue of a customer-supplier relationship, and who today see in this acquisition a growth opportunity both from a professional and personal viewpoint”, continues Finardi. “All the collaborators of Officine della Gavarnia are aware that the new group identity, combined with the commitment constantly profused up to now, represents a stimulating challenge for them and contributes to emphasizing the sense of belonging to a growing industrial reality, such as the one of Belotti SpA”, concludes Finardi.

The transaction was handled by both companies as the natural evolution of a long-standing partnership. The traditional customer-supplier relationship established in the early 1990s has changed and strengthened over time, allowing the two companies to contribute reciprocally to growth and success in their respective reference markets. This had a decisive influence on the decision taken by the Carrara family, founders of Officine della Gavarnia, to sell the business to Belotti SpA.
Choosing Belotti among the panel of companies interested in the operation was almost natural. We are now very satisfied that the company is becoming part of a solid and industrialized reality, so as to guarantee continuity thanks to growth and investment programs in the near future“, declares the Carrara family.


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