5 September 2022

A partnership renewal that strenghthens Belotti S.p.A. presence in the marine sector.

Attracting new customers is important, but Belotti’s sales strategy also lays its foundations in maintaining long-term partnerships: this is the case of the multi-year collaboration with Azimut Yachts, an international leader in the production of luxury yachts and megayachts.

Driven by the same passion for their products, for new technologies and for cutting-edge manufacturing processes, Belotti and Azimut Yachts have recently renewed a partnership agreement that will see the former committed to providing solutions to support the production development of the latter, which has always been based on innovation and high-quality standards.

This collaboration is a new, important stimulus to continue along the path of innovation by tracing, together with Azimut Yachts, new routes in the marine industry.

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