9 February 2024

Belotti has embarked on an exciting new challenge by supporting the talented and successful Antonio Fuoco, a competitor in the 2024 FIA World Endurance Championship.

With unwavering determination, exceptional versatility, and relentless pursuit of his goals, the talented Italian driver Antonio Fuoco has consistently demonstrated his ability to excel under intense pressure. Throughout his career, he has proven his capacity to adapt to new challenges and push the boundaries of performance.
Securing back-to-back third-place finishes in the FIA World Endurance Driver’s Championships, with a podium in the Hypercar category in 2023 and the LMGTE Pro category in 2022, Antonio Fuoco is gearing up for a competitive 2024 FIA WEC season. The action begins in Qatar, where he will take to the track for the inaugural race on March 1-2.

We are honored and proud to associate our brand with Antonio Fuoco, a true Italian talent and a driver with incredible technical skills, bolstered by great personal motivation and a strong commitment to his profession,” declares Eleonora Marino, Belotti S.p.A.’s Marketing & Communication Manager. “Recognizing the same driving forces that inspire and direct our company, we have decided to partner with him for the 2024 season. We will compete alongside him in the Endurance Championship, which is gaining increasingly widespread resonance and visibility worldwide” .

I’m incredibly excited to announce my new partnership with Belotti. As an Italian driver, it’s an honour to represent a company known for its precision engineering and innovative spirit, values that resonate deeply with my own racing DNA. United in our pursuit of excellence, this partnership is fueled by our mutual passion for unrivaled performance and innovation”, says Antonio Fuoco.

The 2024 World Endurance Championship is set to commence with the ‘Official Prologue’ on February 24-25 in Qatar. This prelude to the season will be followed by 8 dynamic races across the globe, with events hosted in Qatar, Italy, Belgium, France, Brazil, the United States, Japan, and Bahrain. Enthusiasts and teams can access the complete schedule online at the FIA WEC official website.
The 12th season of the FIA World Endurance Championship will showcase an array of 19 Hypercar entries from nine distinguished manufacturers, evidencing the championship’s robust expansion as the pinnacle of endurance racing. Competing for supremacy on the international circuits this season will be esteemed names such as Alpine, BMW, Cadillac, Ferrari, Isotta Fraschini, Lamborghini, Peugeot, Porsche, and Toyota.

We wish Antonio the very best of luck for the upcoming season!

Antonio Fuoco

Antonio Fuoco is an Italian motorsport talent who has captivated audiences around the world with his exceptional talent and unwavering determination. From his early days racing karts at the tender age of four, to his triumphant victories in Formula Renault, Formula 3, and Formula 2, Antonio has consistently pushed the boundaries of speed and skill, leaving a trail of success in his wake.
After joining the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2012 and becoming a Scuderia Ferrari test driver in 2019 – in the same year he also started racing GT cars –, Antonio embarked on a thrilling new chapter in 2023 as he made his debut with the Ferrari 499P Hypercar, achieving a second-place in FIA Hypercar World Endurance Manufacturers’ championship and an excellent third-place in the FIA Hypercar World Endurance Drivers championship.

Belotti SpA

Since 1979, Belotti S.p.A. has been designing and manufacturing 3- and 5-axis CNC centers for milling and trimming operations on composite, plastic, and light alloy materials. Our highly customizable range of solutions can be integrated with 3D printing extruders, waterjet technologies, and ultrasonic cutting systems, meeting the high standards required by various industries such as automotive, motorsport, aerospace, marine, railway, energy & building, furniture, checking fixtures, patterns & molds, and thermoforming.
Founded in Italy by Engineer Luciano Belotti, Belotti is headquartered in Suisio-BG (HQs/Plant 1) and maintains an Innovation Hub in Modena (Plant 2). The company operates through three branches—Belotti America, Belotti Deutschland, and Belotti China—and a network of authorized service centers, providing qualified and prompt after-sales services worldwide.
With its strong international focus, the company has expanded its presence in foreign markets, with over 50% of its total sales value coming from abroad and distribution across all continents.
The expertise honed over the years, ongoing research for cutting-edge solutions, and guaranteed performance in terms of production efficiency, machining quality and precision, as well as long-term reliability, have enabled Belotti to grow and reinforce its standing in its industrial sectors, boasting a clientele of prestigious Italian and international companies.

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