Belotti SpA partners with Davide Cironi

22 February 2024

We are glad to announce the extension of our partnership with Davide Cironi and the Drive Experience team throughout the 2024. The last year has been so rich in experiences, interviews and meetings, and we are now almost ready to unveiled the new, remarkable artwork resulting from our common vision on the motorsport and composite materials sectors.

I’m very pleased to go on with this incredible journey undertaken by Davide Cironi and me almost five years ago. Both of us are fueled by the same energy and impulse to explore the insights and the advanced technologies that led to the creation of true gems in terms of performances and innovation.  Whenever we share ideas and thoughts on the automotive and motorsport sectors, the outcome is quite surprising”, says Umberto Belotti, Belotti Sp.A. CEO.

Lords of Carbon was created together and gained a success that we didn’t expect”, continues Davide Cironi. “We started out to produce a documentary, and what came out instead was a manifesto on composites technologies, with the power to influence more than one young person in their life choices, such as graduation thesis or educational paths. This and a thousand other details made our first co-production unforgettable. However, neither Umberto nor I like single shots, especially when we have as much fun as we do when getting people, cars, technologies and companies together. We couldn’t help but continue this journey together, aiming higher and higher, for the sake of our beloved engines and the people who bring them to life“, continues Davide Cironi.

Something great is about to happen very soon and we can’t wait to move it out of “behind the scene”.

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