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The relationship between Belotti and CPC is a long-time collaboration that is still evolving today thanks to the growth of the composite materials sector and the strong technological drive of the two companies.

Started as a small artisan modelling shop in the 50ies, C.P.C. diversified and expanded its activities over the years, becoming particularly renowned and appreciated in the field of prototyping and mechanical machining for the automotive sector. The company also stands out in the field of mechanical processing and composite materials,as well as in racing, industrial and aerospace fields.

Ten Belotti five-axis machining centers are today working within the “pressed carbon” department, completely dedicated to the machining and trimming of composite parts, with which the mechanical machining process is carried out. From the FLA 4018 and FLA 5526 models (also in the Twin Shuttle version) to the MDL 4030 and MDL 8040 models, to reach the latest acquisition (FLU 2617), Belotti machining centers continue to be reliable and highly efficient solutions, essential elements especially for large series production.

By applying the most advanced technologies and materials available on the market, CPC has been able to create solutions capable of responding in a new and ever more precise way to the needs of customers, including top-level companies in the Motor Valley and in the racing and automotive sectors.

Over the years we have pursued a real loyalty towards our suppliers”, declares Franco Iorio (CEO of CPC) on the occasion of the production of the documentary “Lords of Carbon” made by Davide Cironi and Drive Experience on the occasion of Belotti’s 40th anniversary.

They have all been chosen, well selected but today they are irreplaceable partners because rightly they have allowed the company to grow, they have allowed the company to be successful and they themselves must enjoy the same success achieved by CPC. We consider them a fundamental part of the ‘company itself “.

To learn more, we invite you to read the interview to Franco Iorio.


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