YEAR 2014 CITY Faenza COUNTRY Italy PRODUCT FLA Series FLU Series

Sbarzaglia Giovanni Snc is a company settled in Faenza (RA) that took his first steps in the early 60s as a small workshop and then become an important benchmark in the national and international market of high precision working.
Recently, their interest was mainly focused towards the new generation of composite materials such as carbon fiber and resin. Thanks to their versatility and durability they are having and exponential increase in applications and uses.
This new business trend and the need to accomplish the needs of its customers, led Meccanica Sbarzaglia to the decision to increase the production department with two new CNC machining centers Belotti S.p.A.. In 2013, the customer express the need to have a machinery that would meet their high production standards: in the same year they purchased the first FLA 6526 series and in summer 2014 were provided with a more compact model FLU 2617.
The first milling center was equipped with a 15 kW electrospindle at 20.000 rpm, HSK A63 tool shaft, an 8 position tool change, two 18 positions carousel tool for a fast and accurate processing, an Heidenhain CNC and linear measuring system. The model FLU supplied in 2014 has a 2600 mm X axis, 1700 mm Y axis and a 900 mm Z axis, mounting the same spindle of the previous machinery but equipped with a Siemens numerical control.
Meccanica Sbarzaglia chose Belotti S.p.A. CNC machining centers among the competitors since they meet their need and expectations as well as for the undisputed experience our company can boast in the production of machining centers dadicated to the milling of composites materials and carbon fibers. Furthermore the spirit of full cooperation and the excellent achievement, drove the two company to a mutual respect and esteem.

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