YEAR 2019-2020 CITY Chatteris COUNTRY UK PRODUCT VEGA Series

Founded in 2019, Aerotron Composites is one of the most important divisions of Aerotron Group Limited, an UK’s leading supplier to the aviation industry.

Aerotron Composites delivers a wide range of expertise that, combined with a long experience in the aerospace and defense industries, is expressed through the design and manufacturing of quality composites and structures for numerous aircraft models.

Inside the new facility located in North Cambridgeshire, focused on the development of components and tooling for the aerospace and defense industries, two new Belotti VEGA 6032 series 5-axis machining centers have been installed.

VEGA cnc machining centers are the result of Belotti long experience in the production of 5-axis machines for carbon and aluminium milling, designed to meet the production needs of different industries (aerospace, automotive and marine) and, more generally, of major models’ makers and manufacturers of composite components (carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass, honeycomb).

VEGA Series models have a dynamically rigid structure that is ideal for offering a unique combination of long-term performance: short processing times, flexibility, high quality surface finish, and rigidity.

The combination of these performance led
Aerotron Composites to choose and purchase Belotti machining centers, configured and accessorized to meet the company’s high technical specifications and production needs.
Stability, adherence to strict tolerances, machining accuracy, and temperature control were the demands made by Aerotron Composite for machining helicopter blades from carbon fiber or composite material in general.

The two machining centers were then supplied with a number of technical options including:

  1. Optical scales for linear compensation
  2. Thermal compensation software
  3. DIN-compliant cast iron working tables
  4. Zero point devices
  5. Dust extraction grids

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