15 June 2022

Belotti offers a new after-sales service to minimize downtime periods, providing customers with a double economic benefit.

Since its foundation, Belotti has always handled overhauls and repairs of different models of electrospindles assembled on its 3- and 5-axis CNC machining centers. To further enhance the after-sales services, the new B-Rapid service has been recently launched.

B-Rapid provides for the collection of the damaged electrospindle and its prompt replacement with an overhauled model, of the same code, and supplied immediately to the customer at a dedicated and convenient rate.

A double economic advantage, given by the reduction in lost productivity due to breakages and extraordinary maintenance, and the possibility of purchasing an electrospindle at an affordable rate for those customers who sign the B-Rapid contract.

B-Rapid is an additional service offered to minimize the downtime required to repair or replace the electrospindle.

As a matter of fact, the electrospindle is one of the components most subject to wear or to accidental events that compromise its operation.

Comprehensive diagnostics in case of malfunction involves many control operations:

  1. Checking the wear condition of the bearings;
  2. Vibration analysis;
  3. Balancing;
  4. Calibration of encoder sensors;
  5. Replacement of calipers and springs;

Generally, the repair service of an electrospindle requires that the component be disassembled from the CNC machining center and sent to the company for the diagnosis of the fault and its repair, according to the time required by the necessary interventions, which can sometimes be long.

B-Rapid allows the customer to minimize the period of machine downtime due to a failure of the electrospindle, and to benefit from an important economic advantage. In fact, with this service, Belotti offers the withdrawal of the used and faulty spindle and its rapid replacement with an overhauled electrospindle, of the same code, and immediately supplied to the customer at a further discounted rate.

This service allows the customer to return to operation in the short term, protecting the company productivity and competitiveness on the market.This solution represents an effective extraordinary maintenance management, which also brings a positive implication in terms of customer retention, with on-time deliveries and minimized contingencies.

In addition to special services on the timeliness of intervention, Belotti offers a wide range of after-sales services to be always at the side of customers on an ongoing basis and as planned as possible:

  • Continuous monitoring of the machining center through the IoT platform “Belotti MyB
  • Remote assistance
  • Start-up training and technical consulting for new machining operations
  • Upgrade & Retrofit services
  • Preventive maintenance contracts (Compact, Classic and Excellent) to minimize inefficiencies and optimize the cost-machine. Each contract is designed to ensure the performance of the machining center over time in terms of accuracy and reliability.

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