6 September 2021

Technologically advanced cnc machining centers to meet the highest demands of several industries. 

Industrial manufacturing processes are one of the main drivers of technological progress: milling and trimming are part of many of these manufacturing processes.

In milling operations high technological cnc centers machine by removal surfaces with complex geometries and composed of materials of different types to produce manufactured products used in different sectors and applications. The increase in demand for manufactured goods fuels technical progress, allows industry to grow and contributes to generating investment.

Since 1979 Belotti is one of the leading manufacturers through the design, development and production of 3 and 5-axis  numerically controlled machining centers and water jet cutting systems for milling and trimming of light alloys, composites and plastic materials.

Belotti range of cnc milling machines offers solutions characterized by reliability, precision, flexibility and high performance, able to contribute to the competitive success of customers operating in the most varied and complex application worlds. Aerospace, Automotive, Railway, Marine, Design and Furniture, Models and Moulds, Packaging and Medical are among the main application sectors in which Belotti technology is successfully used.

Milling operations at covid-19 time 

The last year (2020)  marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, has been disastrous for some sectors: aerospace, among the sectors with the highest added value, together with the automotive is now moving the first steps of the recovery after a momentary paralysis.

Focusing on technology is once again a fundamental choice to make a difference. Belotti decides to keep on focusing its attention on these particular industries and producing advanced cnc machines for the milling of composite materials, plastics and light alloys.

Since the 90s Belotti has followed with increasing attention the market of composite materials, initially used mainly in the military, aerospace and motorsport sectors. In the last decade we are witnessing a rapid evolution and expansion of use in many fields of application and, significantly, in the automotive sector.

The consequent demand for systems that can support this growing demand has led Belotti to develop bespoke and highly advanced products for this market, such as the FLA, MDL and FLU Series.



Numerically controlled milling is a type of mechanical machining that allows to model, by removal of chips, surfaces with complex geometries and composed of different materials, even complex to treat like composite materials.



The overall milling process, up to the achievement of a finished piece, consists of a first phase of roughing, in which the removal of the material is done as quickly and economically as possible, leaving, however, a sufficient layer of material for the next phase of finishing, where the last excess parts are removed to reach the required dimensions and surface finishes.

In the first phase, the provided torque of the spindle must be sufficient to ensure a significant reduction in cycle time (greater removal in the shortest time possible). The following are therefore fundamental:

• the high rigidity of the machine. The monolithic structure of Belotti machines protects against oscillations, absorbing the considerable vibrations caused by the motorized cutting head, and allows to reach very high speeds even on the hardest materials for which are used lubricating fluids and coolants (any resonance generated by oscillations can cause serious problems of wear or quality of machining on the piece);
• the large chip removal capacity of electrospindles with power up to 42 kW;

  • the cleaning of the environment in the roughing phase, thanks to the hood of localized aspiration, motorized and controlled by NC (as in the NOVA Series), or thanks to the conveyor of the chip and coolant (as in the SKY Series)
  • the solid sealing of the workpiece thanks to the work table with locking systems of different types.

The second stage of milling, defined as a finishing, consists of a limited removal of material and leads to the achievement of the finished piece, which must absolutely respect the tolerances about the size and the degree of roughness of the surfaces. The monolithic infrastructure of the Belotti work centers, together with the introduction of some technological plus and accessories (including the optical lines and the backlash recovery system), ensure the fluidity of the movements of the bridge and the cutting head, being decisive to satisfy the required tolerances, to protect the quality of the worked surfaces and to obtain optimal finishes.


Belotti work centers are the result of important studies, continuous investments in design and a careful selection of construction materials to guarantee the increasingly high-quality standards required by the market.


Belotti CNC machining centers are equipped with fully automated, fast and reliable tool warehouses, able to make a great contribution in terms of machine flexibility and production optimization. The load and the replacement of the tool, completely automatic, allow to reach the finished piece starting from the raw material without the intervention of any operator, making the production cycle fast and above all economical.


Besides being resistant and flexible, Belotti milling centers guarantee high performance, placing themselves in different application worlds, especially where precision is an essential must-have.

The Belotti machining centers, thanks to their solid and monolithic construction structure, are able to absorb the considerable vibrations caused by the motorized cutting head when it comes into contact with the material for removing the chip. With proper maintenance and in a suitable factory environment, the performance of the Belotti centers goes up to the order of microns, ensuring the customer the most absolute reliability and precision.


Belotti technologies have always guaranteed very high production standards whose continuity is a fundamental requirement for customers: the after-sales service that accompanies Belotti technologies ensures timely and decisive responses in every part of the world, thanks to a team of specialized and competent technicians.

From the purchase to the entire operating life of a Belotti CNC, the Belotti Service hub works to be always at the customer’s side, on-site or remotely, to ensure maximum production efficiency.


In order to further optimize the productivity and durability of the work centers, Belotti has developed Myb, the Iot Suite for the integrated and highly customized management of cyber-physical auxiliary services of the machining centers.

Myb allows you to measure and optimize productivity, manage the interconnection with the factory environment and ensure constant and efficient technical assistance.

Myb can be installed on work centers with different NC as it is able to connect and control machines operating through Siemens, Fanuc, OSAI, Heidenhain systems.

The Myb Suite enhances the customer’s machine fleet and can be installed as retrofit on existing machines, harmoniously combining the latest digital tools with traditional technologies in the factory: The Suite is also configurable for retrofit on machines with CNC Siemens Powerline, NUM, SELCA, after technical evaluation.

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