20 October 2022

It happens that extraordinary projects arise from unexpected encounters.

This is what happened between Belotti S.p.A and Davide Cironi with the production of “Lords of Carbon“, the documentary film dedicated to the history of composite materials in racing and supercars sectors, described directly by the pioneers of the industry.

Three years after its publication in 2019, which took place on the occasion of Belotti’s 40th anniversary, the documentary has exceeded one million views on Youtube and continues to be appreciated for the authenticity of the contributions of the protagonists interviewed: from Giampaolo Dallara to Stefano Domenicali, Horacio Pagani, Christian Koenigsegg, Jean Alesì, Gordon Murray and Mate Rimac.

Since then, the collaboration between Belotti, Cironi and the “Drive Experience srl” team has found its way into other communication projects and from this year gets on track, to drive together on roads and circuits aboard cars powered by a perfect mix of energy, passion and technical performance.
Indeed, behind the extraordinary beauty and technology of some of the supercars driven by Davide Cironi is a Belotti contribution.

Whether they are structural parts, bodywork or interior components made of composite materials (carbon fiber) or light alloys, these elements are made through production processes carried out with Belotti’s numerically controlled machining centers, performed directly by automotive companies or by specialized subcontractors.

Cironi has the pleasure of testing and driving these bolides, while Belotti has the pride of having contributed in part to their creation.
New projects and collaborations are underway: waiting to make them official, we relaunch the watching of “Lords of Carbon”.

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