YEAR 2021 CITY Spinadesco (CR) COUNTRY Italy PRODUCT NAVY Series

For almost fifty years, Cantieri Capelli has been a leading company in the marine sector with a product portfolio that today includes 18 fiberglass boats models and 48 ribs.

Founded in 1974 by Davide Capelli with the opening of the first production plant in Spinadesco (CR – Italy) , the company now boasts a completely Made in Italy production: the creative process, the production as well as the design evolutions of Capelli are completely in-house made.

Passion, competence, attention to details and the research for high quality standards are the values that have guided the growth of the company, values shared by Belotti SpA and that have contributed to the success of the collaboration between the two companies.

To date, a Belotti 5-axis simultaneous machining center, model NAVY 20062, is operative within the production plant of Spinadesco.

Belotti NAVY Series CNC machining centers are designed to meet the requirements of shipyards. The wide range of models in terms of dimensions and configurations allows to process both the models and the final /structural parts of a medium-size boat: from cutting resin models up to trimming fiberglass hulls and other high resistance composite materials.

Belotti NAVY 20062 5-axis machining center at Cantieri Capelli is equipped with a precise, reliable, compact-design single shoulder machining unit. The head has a 22 kW electrospindle and reaches a maximum rotation of 18,000 rpm.

The machining center is also equipped with precision encoders mounted directly on the spindle rotation axis and a pneumatic rotary axes locking system which, combined with reduced-backlash gearboxes, guarantee the best performance in terms of accuracy.

Belotti NAVY 20062 machining center’s main technical features:

  • Perimeter protection system  with front doors opening and dust protection bellows;
  • SDS measure system;
  • 3D measuring probe with radio transmission;
  • 16-position automatic tool changer;
  • Belotti MyB IoT Suite;
  • Numerical Control: Siemens

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