YEAR 2014 COUNTRY Luxembourg - USA PRODUCT FLA Series TRIM Series MDL Series

Euro Composites S.A., with headquarters in Luxembourg and three production sites in Europe and USA , is worldwide leader in the production of composites parts such as panels, laminates and honeycomb.
Belotti S.p.A. has been regularly supplying EC with 5 axis machining centers for three-dimesional milling of honeycomb based ultra light panels. At the end of 2013, 13 machines had been delivered, 10 of which in Luxembourg and 3 in the USA, while two more machining centers will be delivered within the first quarter of 2014.
Considering the first machine was supplied in 2008, this shows how fast growing is the use of heneycomb panels for aerospace, railways and marine applications.
Finished panels represent the bases for manufacturing the most modern civilian aircraft interiors (B787 and A380), for which EC produces dividing walls and forniture; for high speed trains and top class yacht through the production of panels for floors and ceilings and overhead lockers.
So far, EC has purchased from Belotti eleven FLA series machines, as well as three TRIM and one MDL, this last one installed in the “Center of Excellence” in Echternach where top secret prototypes for new projects are continously developed.
To learn more about EC, visit the following website Euro Composites.

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