The complexity of the automotive market constantly requires new production strategies. Olsa, among the most important industries producing lighting equipment for cars and trucks, faced the ploblem adopting a 5-axis machining center model TRIM 2515 equipped with double bridge and rotary table. Olsa won his challange thanks to a flexible machine that guarantees a quick and accurate adaptation to a wide range of process and products.


The key to success has been to equip the machining center with an automatic feeler system that ensures a precise centering of the workpiece and the two independent bridges that reduce the production time as the market requires.
Technical Specifications:

Centro di lavoro modello TRIM 2515 a doppio ponte
– Machining center model TRIM 2515 with double bridge
– Duoble heads with revolver machining unit
– Rotary table
– Strokes:

X₁ e X₂= 1.550 mm speed 80 m/min
Y₁ e Y₂= 1.600 mm speed 80 m/min
Z₁ e Z₂= 900 mm speed 60 m/min
A₁ e A₂= 315° speed 30rpm
C₁ e C₂= 270° speed 30 rpm

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