YEAR 2018 CITY Reggio Calabria COUNTRY Italy PRODUCT MDL Series

Hitachi Rail is a leading multinational company in the railway transport industry, with offices in in Naples, Reggio Calabria and Pistoia, Italy.
In February 2018 Belotti completed the installation of a 5-axis machining center series MDL in their plant in Reggio Calabria.
This milling center is particularly suitable for large mechanical structural parts, such as railway carriages, and for the machining of aluminum components.
The reliability of our MDL machining center is proved by the total satisfaction of the customer, both in terms of performance and technical assistance. The experience in Hitachi is a further confirmation of the high quality of our product for the railway industry, as in other industrial sectors.

Technical data of MDL 6040:

  • X 6000 axis with Gantry rack and pinion
  •  Y 4000 axis with ball screw
  •  Z 1300 axis with ball screw
  •  C 720 ° axis with Torque motor
  •  A 235 ° axis with Torque motor
  •  Electrospindle IBAG 42Kw 54Nm, HSK 63A tool holder
  •  18 position tool change
  • Heidenhain Linear measuring system for linear axes
  • Direct drive encoders for rotary axis axes

Removal system data:

  • 6082 aluminum
  • 17,000 RPM
  • 15000 cutter Ø 50 z3
  • 3 mm cutting depth
  • Removal capacity 2250 cm3.

To learn more, please visit Hitachi Rail.

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