Cassina SpA is an Italian company founded in 1927 operating in the contemporary furniture and interior design industry. Last February we tested at their research and development department in Meda (MB), a new 5-axis machining center specially designed for the production of prototypes for the realization of foaming and wood molds. These models, essential to understand the feasibility and optimization of product development processes, allow to start from in-house designs up to the final prototype. The direct management of the complete modeling process ensures a time and costs saving also in the view of a mass-production of their articles.

For this reasons we offered to Cassina a 5-axis machining center model FLU 2617 (X-axis 2.600 mm, 1.700 Y axis, Z axis = 1.000) equipped with performance head, direct drive encoder, rotary axis and pneumatic locking system and a 15 kW electrospindle. The provided total enclosure also keeps a cleaner and quieter working area. We asked Mr. Francesco Piovesan, employed at Cassina engineering department, the reasons that led them to choose a Belotti machining center and he said that among several competitors they chose Belotti because they found that our machinery could meets their needs. Having visited your company and talked with Mr. Umberto Belotti and our technicians, they felt even more confident that our machining center was perfect to them. The partnership between our companies has been excellent since the beginning, thanks to comprehensive information before buying, installation, service during start-up and customer care.

The achievement of customer satisfaction in its expectations, especially regarding a dinamic “made in Italy” companies as Cassina, make us feel proud of the commitment addressed to the project and we hope to be their partner for future expansion of the research and development department of their group.

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