YEAR 2014 CITY Essex COUNTRY Inghilterra PRODUCT NOVA Series

Ford Motor Company commisioned Belotti S.p.A. a machining center for thr prototyping for its design center, in Essex(UK). The customer requested a milling center with compact dimensions and a working area suitable for 5-axis milling of the headlights and front grid models – focal points in the design of the cars of the twenty-first century. After the prototyping stage, the machining center had to be able to mill the aluminum mould with high speed machining as well, making indispensable the use of the linear measuring system and the oil mist as a lubricant for the tools.
Belotti then offered a machining center model NOVA totally enclosed, with 2000 mm X-axis, 1600 mm Y-axis and 700 mm Z-axis equipped with a 5-axis machining head, 15 kW electrospindle, 18-position tool change and Heidenhain linear measuring system. Through this tailor made solution, Belotti was able to provide a CNC machinign center for highly accurate and reliable processing, providing a machine specifically designed and developed for Ford demand (limited milling center footprint, working area envelope, delivery time and high efficient local service).
Ford could appreciate the quality of our 5 – axis machining center NOVA, an innovation that has already been very successful among the companies in the automotive and aerospace industry.


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