YEAR 2014 CITY Kópavogur COUNTRY Islanda PRODUCT NAVY Series

Rafnar is a young and dynamic shipyard founded in Iceland in 2005 and specialized in the production of boats and yachts.
AThrough the continuous research of new solutions they created a type of hull specifically designed to make riding the Iceland’s sea waves safer and more comfortable, also reducing fuel consuption. For the plant in Kòpavogur, in 2012 Rafnar made an important investment ordering a “turnkey” solution: a 5 axis machining center model NAVY for the modeling and the production of yachts with keels specially designed to face thet challanges of the North Atlantic ocean.
The shipyard chose s 5 axis machining center for the processing of several activities such as mold making and trimming of fiberglass components. It allows a greater control over the production and offers advantages such as flexibility and shorter production time.
The offered machining center is equipped with a vertical telescopic axis to overcome the height limits of Rafnar plant: despite the 3,5 mt of stroke, it do not exceed the 6,2 mt of total height allowing modeling of watercraft details up to a height of about 3 meters.
The machining unit equipped with 15 kW electrospindle with a rotation of 24.000 rpm provides the high-speed milling of the materials used in the nautical field, such as polyurethane foams and epoxy paste.
Rafnar chose Belottii as a partner because it is synonymous of quality products and because of his experience in installations for the most important shipyards.
The training of the customer had been performed on site with extremely effective results ensuring a fast and safe start-up.


– Electrospindle power 15kW
– CNC Siemens Sinumerik 840D Solution Line
– Strokes:
X axis 17.000 mm – 100 m/min
Y axis 7.200 mm – 100 m/min
Z axis 3.500 mm – 70 m/min
C axis +/-270° – 208,3°/s
A axis +/-120° – 121,5°/s

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