Fast turnaround, exceptional quality, and great attention to detail.
These key principles guide Kestrel Technologies, a family run business based in Aylesford – Kent with wealth of experience in the motorsport, automotive, aerospace, marine, film/tv and shop models fields.

The company is specialised in producing:

  • epoxy patterns;
  • rohacell cores;
  • rim tooling;
  • vacuum forming tools;
  • full-size models for film/TV and other props;
  • pattern equipment for casting;
  • metallic mould tools & components
  • wind tunnel models and holding & assembly fixtures.

Regardless of the customer’s need for one component only or multiple batches, the company is able to bring designs into reality and ready-to-use objects.

The company boasts a team of highly trained specialists; in fact, the entire team is trained in the use of the latest version of Autodesk Powermill, Powershape, and is prepared to operate all the seven CNC machines.
Any Kestrel engineer can follow a project from the beginning to the end, ensuring that customer requirements are met. Along with inspection machines and various measuring equipment, they can prepare a report and inspect the various components before delivery to ensure that all part tolerances are met.


The collaboration between Belotti and Kestrel stemmed from the British company’s need to have a new machine equipped with additional features to suit their in-house processes.

At Kestrel we have total of seven CNC machines which include five axis capabilities with a maximum machining envelope of 2600 x 1700 x 1300mm in 5 axis and 1500 x 640 x 500mm in 3 axis” says Ben Newton, Director of Kestrel Technologies Ltd.

“When looking for a new machine we wanted to find something that can hold tight tolerances but also be capable of machining high density PU and epoxy boards”, says Newton.


Belotti FLU 2617 was the cnc machine selected by Belotti Sales team to meet these specific needs. Thanks to its structure, features and additional accessories, Belotti FLU Series is the more flexible solution for the prototyping and manufacturing of patterns/moulds, and tooling boards resins.

”Our Belotti FLU 2617 with a machining envelope of 2600 x 1700 x 1300mm arrived in March 2023.
This is the first machine we have purchased from Belotti, and we found the ordering process very helpful as we wanted to have some additional features added to our machine, as a Z axis increase to 1300mm”, continues Newton.

During the purchasing process, Kestrel managers and engineers had the opportunity to travel to Italy to see the machine in operation.

”We had a tour around Belotti factory, and it gave us confidence knowing that we were buying a great quality machine and it showed that their team of engineers were very passionate about what they are doing.
Once the machine arrived, we had the same engineers that we met in Italy along with the UK Cannon Shelley engineers to help install and commission the machine along with training. We have now been running the machine for some time and we find it extremely user-friendly, and it is a very smooth machine while running giving us a great surface finish which is important in our business as some of our components require hand finishing”.


The FLU 2617 center at Kestrel is equipped with a much larger than standard tool change system – specially designed by Belotti – which allows to store up to 30 tools, improving on machining time.
The machine has a robust monolithic structure that ensures high standards of rigidity and thermal stability, minimizing vibrations during the machining process. The total enclosure made up with a steel frame and sound absorbing panels ensure significant noise reduction and a safer working environment.

The uprated 22 kW spindle and Heidenhain linear scales for X, Y and Z axis combined with low-backlash gears and precision encoders mounted directly on the spindle rotation axis, help further improve the accuracy.
The FLU2617 special configuration also includes temperature sensors to monitor if there is any change during cycle times: the machine will even alert you if there is a significant change and will pause the cycle.

These accessories, paired with the Renishaw laser system for probes and tools, help speed up the tool setting process and allow the customer to control the workpiece during machining while maintaining the tight tolerances required by their business.


Moreover, Kestrel appreciated the efficiency of Belotti After Sales Services. “The aftercare has been good as well: if we have had a question Belotti have been able to come back to us the same day. With the experience we have had from Belotti and this machine we would recommend them and would use them again in the future”, concludes Mr. Newton.

For further information on Belotti machining centers and after-sales services, please contact us via our website Contact page.

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