The function for automatic program selection
FLA 5532 Twin Shuttle

BARCODE app selects and automatically activates the machining programs by simply reading their own barcode. Adding this module in the Suite leads to greater efficiency, by speeding up the program activation and equipment changeover processes and by significantly decreasing the incidence of operator errors.
To recall the desired or necessary program, there are three main operating modes:

  1. program name: by scanning the program name;
  2. program code: by scanning the alphanumeric code associated to the program;
  3. program check: by scanning the alphanumeric code of the program and a code of the template jig/ work-piece fixture, which have to be both associated after an internal database check.

All the operating modes allow to:

  • set the precise number of pieces to produce, at the end of which the machine will notify the end of production;
  • manage both mono and dualzone machines, guaranteeing operational safety at the same time. While the machining centre is working, changes are only possible in the not-operative zone and any changes to the active program are blocked;
  • prevent and reduce errors, as the operator can view both an image of the workpiece positioned in the machine and the first lines of the running program.
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