The solution for a direct communication with Belotti Service


bCare module, developed for direct communication and support from the Belotti Service and a preventive maintenance for each machine, consists of three integrated applications:

1. TeleService
Always active, this service allows immediate connection and support by a Belotti technician, who can quickly implement the necessary actions to solve any problems, reducing downtime.

2. Advanced Log
This application stores events and machine alarms in a retentive database, also available after a shutdown.
The event history visualisation facilitates the analysis and the subsequent optimization of the performances.

The system can track the latest:

  • 500 tool changes
  • 1000 programs
  • 500 origin changes
  • 1000 events
  • 10000 alarms
  • 10000 actions on CNC (mode change, potentiometer, etc.).

It is possible to consult the LOG at any time, both on board the machine and offline. Moreover, service files are automatically generated and available to Belotti technicians, to make any kind of support more efficient.

3. bMaintenance
This service is useful for managing scheduled maintenance in the best possible way, in order to achieve the maximum lifetime performances of the machining system. Through constant monitoring of the working centers, this app notifies the operator about the maintenance actions recommended or to be carried out:

  • ordinary maintenance (checks, cleaning, etc.)
  • extraordinary maintenance
  • geometric checks.

Notifications are shared via on-screen alerts and via e-mail reminders (the most important ones). The operator can choose to perform, postpone or skip – if not strictly necessary – the maintenance actions suggested by the system.
An archive (”History”) keeps track of all maintenance events carried out, so that the wear status of single components is always available and all information can be integrated into an efficient management of the machine’s components, warranties and spare parts.

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