28 July 2021

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Smart factory and growth opportunities: in recent years we have been witnessing an increasing awareness of the importance of adopting digital and cloud solutions within the medium-sized Italian companies, solutions that can offer organizational, productive as well as economic benefits.

Recently, the pandemic due to Covid-19 has made the opportunities offered by digital solutions even more evident, encouraging a significant increase in investments in the Cloud computing sector with a greater concentration on SaaS (Software As A Service) services.

The Transition Plan 4.0 (former National Industry Plan 4.0) has been activated, to contribute to the digital transformation through a system of specific measures and public incentives, supporting the Italian companies that have understood the importance of embarking on a digital innovation path.

“MyB”: The IoT platform for the smart and digital factory

The drive for innovation has always distinguished Belotti activities since its foundation and it still represents a company corner-stone.

The latest efforts of R&D team have been focused on the development of “MyB”, Belotti IoT Suite for the integrated and highly customised management of cyber-physical auxiliary services of the machining centers. It allows to:

  • measure and optimise productivity;
  • manage the interconnection within the factory environment;
  • guarantee constant and efficient support by the Belotti Service.

Extremely versatile, “MyB” is designed to meet the main needs in terms of production optimisation and durability performances for Belotti CNC centres over time.
Moreover, it works with other machines using different numerical controls (Siemens, Fanuc, OSAI, Heidenhain) and is compatible with the main international IoT protocols (MT-Connect, UMATI, OPC/UA), also acting as retrofit for existing machines.

Advantages for the industry 4.0

Customization and versatility: this solution adapts to each production need thanks to the wide variety of modules to add to its basic configuration;
Efficiency and performance optimisation: the Suite increases productivity by reducing the risk of human errors, optimising set-up times and helping to correct inefficiencies, also thanks to the analysis of the data collected from every machine and in the whole factory;
Centralised management: it is possible to control entire production lines with different machinery from a single centralised supervisor;
Interconnection for the factory environment: through the MyB software platform, also traditional technologies comply with the most advanced IoT standards. The organised data generated by MyB applications are easy to integrate into the different company’s information management systems;
Reduced diagnostic time/strong>: the real-time monitoring of machine failures allows Belotti Service to give immediate support for the resolution of any problems;
Easy of use and integration: all applications are installed in a few steps and can be managed by a simple dashboard;
Constant control of the system: the collected data is always available and can be easily exported both remotely and from mobile devices such as tablet and smartphone);
Higher security of the entire system: with MyB it is possible to anticipate faults and machine downtimes, limit human errors and optimise machine maintenance costs. In addition, all data recorded by the suite is stored in-house, in the company’s IT system.

Apps/modules for the smart factory

MyB Suite is supplied with the bCare module as basic configuration. The other modules can be integrated and activated according to the customisation required.

  • bCare: the solution for a direct line with Belotti Service
  • BES: Belotti Equipment Supervisor
  • bOpen: the software for the machinery interconnection
  • bCollision Detect: the module that prevents and reduces the collisions
  • Barcode:the function for the automatic program selection
  • bView: a unique interface for complex projects
  • bUser: the software designed for the operator-machine management

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