Dynamism, creativity, and perfection. Since 2003, the secret of ESISTE‘s development and success lies in these three values, which still guide the company’s strategic decisions today.

ESISTE is a 3D and manual modelling studio which, as a partner of leading brands in the automotive sector and more, offers total support with projects and concept presentation.

Based in Italy and Germany, the team’s members are qualified, skilled and ambitious experts that support the customer during the entire creative process, combining technique and innovation to obtain a unique result. Design support, 3D modelling, visualization/simulation, production of style models and prototypes, are the services offered by ESISTE which, from 2022, can count on a greater production capacity thanks to the new facility and the Belotti VEGA 8042 cnc machining center.


Our goal is to ensure our customers the continuity of excellence in the services we offer. To achieve this goal during prototypes production, we need the best technological partners, who have the same ambitions towards us”, declares Giorgio Consolente, CEO of ESISTE.

We chose Belotti because it’s a company that shares and promotes our same mindset; in turn, we were chosen by Belotti for the same reasons. A further confirmation came from the installation team, who demonstrated not only a high level of professionalism, but also great readiness to meet our needs. We strongly believe that a company having these ideals can only deliver a product at the forefront of technological development”, continues Consolente.


The main materials used in the production processes at ESISTE are epoxy resins of different densities (ranging from 100 to 1000), materials that find the ideal machining technology in the Belotti VEGA Series.

We agreed with Belotti to choose and set up a multi-axis CNC center capable of ultra-performing our technical requirements, confirming our common vision of delivering excellence in service. This choice has allowed us to raise the quality level in a short period and to approach future products with an even higher level of requirement”.


The Belotti VEGA Series is the result of a long experience in the design and production of 5-axis machining technologies. It includes high-speed CNC gantry machining centers that ensure the maximum accuracy in the production of resin prototypes, models, and large-size components in composite materials. The Belotti VEGA cnc centers have a dynamically rigid structure, ideal for offering a unique combination of performance: short processing times, flexibility, high quality surface finish and rigidity over time.

Belotti VEGA 8042 installed at ESISTE facility is equipped with: 16-positions tool changer, linear scales, single shoulder head with liquid cooled 22 kW electrospindle (max. rotation speed 20.000 rpm, max. torque 28Nm at 7.500 rpm), and tool air cooling system.


Almost a year after its commissioning, we are satisfied with the machining precision, guaranteed by the sturdiness of the structure, and by the attention to detail during the assembly and technical assistance phases“, declares Consolente.

Concerning the future of his company and the cooperation with Belotti, the ideas are very clear: “To fulfill our ambitions and the customers’ requests, we will go on to look for the best available equipment. For that reason we expect to continue and increase our partnership with Belotti. We want the best for our customers, and we are confident that Belotti will stay alongside us in this challenging mission”, ends Consolente.

These are the additional technical features installed on Belotti VEGA 8042 machining center operating at ESISTE plant in Beinasco (TO):

  • Perimeter enclosure with front side opening and motorized shutter;
  • SDS measurement system;
  • Oil Mist;
  • Floor suction system;
  • BES software: the advanced counter and supervisor of machine productivity within smart factories and Industry 4.0 environments. The system allows you to monitor the status of each machining center from any device, displaying and extracting the related productivity data in real time;
  • Belotti “MyB” software, the Suite for the integrated and optimized management of the machining centers within the factory environment;
  • Numerical Control: Siemens.

For more information on Belotti machining centers, please contact us via our website Contact page.

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