“Designed by the best. Built for the fastest”.  SCHUBERTH helmets have always been a guarantee of high performances, especially in terms of safety.

The German company, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023, is well-renowned worldwide for the design and production of protective helmets for many sectors, such as motorsport and motorbike applications.

Today, carbon fiber helmets are produced in Schio (in the province of Vicenza), within the headquarters of the Italian subsidiary Schuberth Performance srl. These helmets are designed and manufactured to meet high quality standards, being used by Formula 1 and motorcycle professional drivers.

Schuberth catalogue for motorsport drivers includes the SP1 CARBON and the masterpiece SF3 FIA 8860 models, which represent a unique combination of technological know-how, design, light weight and comfort, with autoclave cured carbon fiber shells.

These components are now machined with the brand new Belotti TRIM 2515 CB Waterjet machining center, equipped with a rotary table that allows to insulate the working area from the loading/unloading one. The system consists of two tables, drilled and threaded for fixing the clamping equipment, separated by an anti-intrusion bulkhead sealed with the enclosure. In this way, while the machining is being carried out inside, the operator can load/unload outside the components.

The Belotti TRIM 5-axis machining center installed at Schuberth is also equipped with waterjet technology to run cutting operations of extreme precision and quality.


Our need was to optimize the cutting process of the carbon helmet shell, even at high thickness and with minimum tolerances”, declares Alberto Dall’Oglio, CEO of Schuberth Performance srl.

“Right away the choice was to look for a strategic supplier capable of offering a machine specialized in automotive carbon fiber cutting. Belotti was therefore an almost natural choice for the quality and precision of their machines. The Belotti TRIM 2515 CB WJ machining center that has been designed and set up for us, ensures us a cut of absolute precision and in just 4 minutes per helmet, thanks to the 5 cutting axes and the 4,000 bar jet”, ends Dall’Oglio.


Belotti TRIM is the ideal cnc center for machining high volumes of components made of plastic and composite materials. The processing speed of this Series does not compromise the cutting and trimming quality, guaranteeing the highest level of productivity. The TRIM 5-axis cnc center, used in combination with waterjet cutting technology, allows to obtain even higher precisions and processing speed, also reducing the percentage of waste material.

Belotti offers a wide range of cnc routers for trimming and milling carbon fiber and composite materials with different characteristics. The range is the result of many years of experience acquired starting from the end of the 80s and linked with the diffusion of these materials in many application sectors (motorsport, automotive and aerospace, to name a few).


To protect the maximum performance over time, Schuberth has invested in a preventive maintenance program by signing the Belotti COMPACT contract.

Planning preventive maintenance interventions is more and more strategic for companies to:

  1. minimize the risks of downtime and inefficiencies;
  2. optimize machine costs;
  3. guarantee the performance of the cnc machining center over time in terms of precision and reliability;
  4. maintain a periodic check of critical components.


These are the additional technical features installed on Belotti TRIM 2515 CB Waterjet machining center operating at Schuberth plant in Schio:

  • Pneumatic equipment for blocking and centering the helmet on the work area.
  • BES software: the advanced counter and supervisor of machine productivity within smart factories and Industry 4.0 environments. The system allows you to monitor the status of each machining center from any device, displaying and extracting the related productivity data in real time.
  • Belotti “MyB” software, the Suite for the integrated and optimized management of the machining centers within the factory environment. Specifically, the bCare module was activated by Schuberth, the solution developed for a direct communication with Belotti Service, immediate assistance and preventive maintenance on each cnc center. The module consists of three integrated applications and services:
  1. TeleService
  2. Advanced Log
  3. bMaintenance


For further information on Belotti machining centers and after-sales services, please contact us via our website Contact page.

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