NAVY Series

5-axis machining center ideal to meet the needs of the marine industry and the production of large models.

NAVY 5-axis machining centres are designed to meet the most important requirements of the marine and patterns & moulds large models sectors.
The wide range of models and configurations allows to satisfy every dimensional and technological need.


The Belotti NAVY series offers cnc machining centers geared to the peculiarities of shipyards.
Thanks to the wide choice of different sizes and machine configurations, NAVY is a versatile solution, allowing to process both the models and the final and structural parts of a medium-size boat: cutting resin models, trimming fiberglass hulls and other high resistance composite materials.
With a single advanced and multifunctional machining center, maximum flexibility is obtained, being able to perform any type of modeling and trimming operation on hulls, decks and components without distinction.

Customers who have chosen a Belotti NAVY milling machine have quickly increased their quality and construction efficiency, also benefiting from a significant improvement in the quality of the working environment, thanks to the many options proposed, such as suction systems and active and passive safety devices.

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  • Marine
  • Patterns and moulds
  • Railway
  • Energy and building


  • Resins
  • Composites

Technical features

Stroke2,6/6/8/12/17/20/23/30/43 m 3,2/4,2/5,2/6,2/7,2/8,8 m 1,5/2/3/3,3/4,2/5,3/6,9 m +/- 270°+/- 120°
Speed100 m/min45 m/min44 rpm40 rpm
SpindleFrom 15 kW up to 42 kW at 24.000 rpm max.
CNCFanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens
Tool changeFrom 16 to 60 positions
Linear accuracy≤ 0,035 mm/m for linear axes
Rotary accuracy+/- 24 arcsec for rotary axes
Combined technologies Additive manufacturing


5-axis single shoulder head up to 42 kW

One-shoulder head that enables tool inclination and orientation in any 3D direction. It is equipped with servomotors with reducers, a pneumatic locking system and encoders mounted directly on the rotary axes, to guarantee higher rigidity, greater dynamism and a better machining precision.

Dust suction grids + suction hood + total enclosure

The machining center is equipped with dust extraction grids that can be connected to an extraction system via rear manifolds.
The suction hood, electronically or pneumatically controlled, sucks up the dust during 5-axis machining, while the total enclosure, made up with a steel frame with sound absorbing panels, is designed to guarantee compliance to the current European noise rules and ensure a clean and safety
working environment.

Push and pull system

Suction system with different flow rates according to the machine volume, characterized by suction inlets on one side of the enclosure and inlets for re-integration of filtered air on the opposite side.
This system, particularly suitable for dusty environments, ensures greater cleanliness and safety, thanks to a more effective evacuation of dust generated upon machining, and to the air flow generated inside the enclosure.

Telescopic Z axis

Retractable telescopic Z system for machines with Z axis greater than 4500mm.
It is also possible to size the height of the machine according to the height of the plant (even if not to big), allowing to work pieces of big dimensions.

Double bridge

The second independent bridge is the ideal solution to increase the cnc center productivity and flexibility.
It can be equipped with the same spindle as the first head or with a different one.

Vision cameras

Dedicated cameras set on the spindle housing to verify the working cycle and monitor unattended machining

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