NOVA Series

Multi-axis machining centers for milling a variation of different sized products and for profiling large scale parts out of aluminium, technical plastic and composite panels.

BELOTTI NOVA 3 and 5-axis machining centers are the result of the long experience achieved in over 40 years of activity in the production of machines for milling aluminium, composite materials and plastics.
The NOVA Series represents the answer to the strong demand of the leading industries in the packaging, aeronautical and automotive sectors.


Belotti NOVA cnc machining centers consist of a sturdy monolithic structure equipped with double guides on both sides of the base, which guarantee maximum rigidity of the gantry during processing.
The mobile bridge and the presence of a double motor on both sides (Dual Drive System) allow the processing of large pieces, while preserving the quality of the series.
Available with 3-axis and 5-axis heads, NOVA cnc machining centers can process various materials such as aluminium, light alloys, composite materials, plastics and technical plastics, ensuring high performance thanks to 15 or 30 kW electrospindles and top-of-the-range clamping systems. The 5-axis head, optional, compact and equipped with axis locking brakes and Heidenhain encoders, allows the machining of parts with complex shapes, guaranteeing quality and precision. The ease and speed of tooling, thanks to the laser piece centering systems, make the NOVA Series extremely performing: the result is a machining center that allows customers to increase productivity and competitiveness.
CSRS (Caterpillar Stack Routing System) is the specially designed and patented accessory, which responds to the need to process multiple aluminium sheets in packs.

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  • Packaging
  • Checking fixtures
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Design and furniture
  • Railway
  • Marine
  • Energy and building


  • Aluminium panels
  • Light alloys
  • Technical plastic
  • Plastic
  • Composites
  • Resins

Technical features

Stroke2/3/4/5/6/10 m1,6/2/2,5/3 m0,3/0,5 m+/- 270°+/- 120°
Speed50 m/min30 m/min44 rpm40 rpm
SpindleFrom 15 kW up to 30 kW at 30.000 rpm max.
CNCFanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens
Tool changeFrom 12 to 60 positions, also with exchange arm
Linear accuracy< 0,009 mm/m for linear axes
Rotary accuracy+/- 12 arcsec for rotary axes
Measurement systemLinear scales, 5 micron resolution


Linear scales

Direct incremental measuring system for all linear axes with graduated metal and pressurized line.
Two models are available:

  • in a single body with glass optical band for lengths up to 4 m;
  • in modular body with steel optical band for lengths from 4 m up to 72 m. This model is not affected by temperature variations compared to the steel band version.

Double motor

Dual Drive System: double motor for X and Y axes. Y bridge with backlash elimination (≤ 1 arcmin).

Aluminium vacuum table with MDF panel

Aluminium table on which MDF panels are screwed, especially designed for machining of aluminium plates.
The table is divided into 12 areas, with dimensions to be defined, that can be automatically managed by the CNC. It is equipped with vacuum electrovalves and preset vacuometers to check the minimum vacuum level on the part for safe clamping.
In case mechanical clamping is needed, the MDF panel can be removed.
Upon request, it will be possible to provide multiple rapid connections for vacuum clamping.

5-axis high performance head up to 22 kW

5-axis head with electrospindle, direct drive encoders and rotary axis pneumatic locking system. It can be used as a replacement for the 3-axis version or installed as a second independent 5-axis head (dual head solution).

Electronic suction hood for 3-axis head

Scraps suction hood used with 3-axis machining, electronically controlled.
In a range of 180 mm the electronic hood automatically adjusts its extension according to the real distance from the part.
The hood automatically retracts during the tool changer.
The dust suction hood performance may vary according to the part geometry, to the material and to the machining strategy.

Minimal lubrication system through the spindle

Centralized grease system, complete with pressure control and minimum level in the tank, which provides for the automatic lubrication of the moving parts. Lubrication is managed by NC in fully automatic mode and allows an extension of the life of the mechanical parts.

CSRS - Caterpillar Stack Routing System

CSRS is a special Belotti-patented device to apply on the NOVA 3-axis head, in order to have a constant, high-pressure compression on the tool zone during all the operations. This option is particularly suggested when machining multilayer stacked aluminium sheets.
The system in made of two independent bridges working simultaneously: the bridge no.1 is equipped with a 3-axes 30 kW spindle; the bridge no.2 is equipped with a mobile CSRS pressure foot – for milling operations – and with a fixed pressure foot – for removing tags operations. The two bridges work together for the machining of multi-sheet stack. In the event that bridge no. 2 is not required, the machine can be customized as a standard 3 axis CNC center.


  • Preserving the stability
  • Improving the finishings and the operating speed
  • Solving possible coolant penetration issues
  • Keeping the working area clean thanks to an efficient suction system that conveys the chips in a dedicated bin, simplifying the unloading process of the final pieces.
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