30 Mai 2022

Following on from the success achieved in the two previous editions, the virtual championship organized by Dallara Automobili is back this year, starring its main protagonists: the Dallara Stradale in its faithful reproduction and the Dallara EXP for the Grand Finale.

The championship is part of a wider program of events aimed at celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company (1972-2022) and for the first time it will have resonance at European level. In this virtual and competitive context, the partnership between Dallara and Belotti is renewed and, for the occasion, Belotti becomes the „Title Partner“ of the event.

In the sporting field, as in the industrial one, the goals and the best performances are achieved by applying talent, determination and passion. These are the factors that fuel the Dallara Esports Championship and that we promote in our company with the aim of improving our technologies every day. From these premises arises the decision to renew the partnership with Dallara, a leading company in the production of racing cars, internationally recognized as an Italian industrial excellence for over fifty years”, said Eleonora Marino, Belotti Marketing & Communication Manager, on the occasion of the partnership renewal.

The 2022 championship formula includes four “Online Hotlap” qualification events, followed by the onsite “Last Chance” phases that will take place at the Dallara Academy and on the occasion of the MilleMiglia in Parma. The Grand Finale is scheduled in June, 18th at the Dallara Academy and on this date the finalists will drive the Dallara EXP.

We invite you to consult the dedicated website https://esports.dallara.it/

For in-depth information about Belotti-Dallara collaboration through the supply of 5-axis machining centers for the processing of carbon fiber composite materials.

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